Kaia Eakin

Redwood City Council 2022

District 5


A clean, safe, affordable city, with a strong economy, good parks and libraries
With your support, I will work hard to make this a
Community we can all be proud of.

What I love most about Redwood City is our strong sense of community. We are the “County Seat” and have an amazing climate. There is much to celebrate, but what makes us unique is us, the people who call Redwood City home.

I was born in Redwood City, went to High School here, and held one of my first jobs here. I have lived in my current home with my husband for 20 years.

Now that District 5 has been created, I humbly ask to serve as your representative. I am passionate about maintaining our parks and libraries, beautifying our city, helping our downtown meet the needs of the community, curbing greenhouse gas emissions locally, strengthening our neighborhoods, celebrating our history, and improving government operations.

I am interested in your ideas and concerns. If I am given your trust to serve on the council, I will listen to you. You deserve to have a hard-working representative. I will get answers for you about city policies. Together, we will shape those policies to better serve the needs of our neighborhood’s families and children.

It’s important that Redwood City remains a community for all ages. If I am elected to the Council, with every decision I make, I will think about how it affects seniors, and thoughtfully consider how we can make this community a better place for the next generation.

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Kaia Eakin